Client: Syfy

Campaign: Instagram Post

Agency: Isaac Holzwarth

Role: Original Music, Foley, Sound Design, Final Mix

This project was special. It's a completely hand-drawn flip book. All sounds had to be created from scratch. I recorded every sound that can be heard in this video, except the flip book and the bird chirping (more on that later).

This project was in production during the 2020 lockdown, so I had to use everything at my disposal for foley. I recorded coins and beans falling into water, different types of paper crinkling, bacon frying, wall heaters and hair dryers, low guitar string scrapes, my version of an evil laugh, pillows fluffing, and tons of other stuff.

For the poor, unfortunate bird in this video, I called on the help of a friend from college, Dody Freakin' Harmon. He always did this incredible bird chirp/whistle with his mouth and I thought it would be cool to feature that talent. He recorded the sound on his phone and messaged it to me.

For the music, we wanted something light, comedic, mildly cartoonish. So I kept it orchestral with a happy, fluttering intro leading to an abrupt, dramatic mood shift when the alien, Bontabu, scorches the planet.

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